Different Vibrant Types of Kites

Flying kites is a fascinating activity that has been around for thousands of years. Before paper was invented,  kites were flown already. They were made out of leaves and are designed like kite. Today there are different kinds of kites which is available in different shapes, sizes and forms. It is easy to create kite today because of the availability of paper in the industry today.

Paper kites have different functions for leisure and entertainment. You can see kites flying in the cities, fields and beaches. Various types of kites has been made today. There is what you called the flat kite. It is the simplest of all the kites. It consist of just a single sheet, a box and a bridle to support it. Della Porta is one of the oldest type of kite. It is similar to diamond kite the only difference is it has a round top. There is also a bow kites. They are easy to identify among the other kites . It has a flat and swept-back profile due to their instability.

Box Kite, this kite is very common and it is great to fly on a moderately windy day. It is design in four parallel lines. Sport Kite also known as stunt kites. The lines of this kite is controlled with a pair of handles with the development of kite flying into a sport activity. It is designed to fly in a variety of conditions. A lot of designed kites are invented today. As of now, many people are still enjoying in this kind of activity.Paper kites have different functions to perform rather than just being a medium for leisure and entertainment.