Kite education: Let us take a look at the history of kites

When I was still a child my father taught me already many things about kites and how to fly them and even make them. From the basic steps, he taught me and let me practice so I can fly a kite on my own. We just started with a small kite that is easier to fly so I could be able to practice first. I still remember when we would patiently wait for the correct timing of flying the kite as it can really be just tiring when you continually try to fly the kite but it does not.

There can be many challenges in flying a kite. but let us take a look first at the history of a kite. It was already provided in the above video about the history of a kite. Kite was first invented in the country of China. They first use them for military purposes so they could test and study the wind. No, it is a form of recreation and entertainment. They have also a competition of flying kites that come in big sizes and are mostly customized already. Visit here this great catering service restaurant. Click and visit to see. How great to be here guys.

The materials that they first use are bamboo and rattan as they are durable but also flexible. When it later developed and mostly made by people than companies, they already used papers or other lightweight materials like silk. They make their own beautiful and own creation to design the kite. they put different designs.