6 Best Kites in the World

Kites are not as simple as you think. Numerous types and styles have been entertained in different countries. So here are the top 8 best kites in the whole world.

The Great American skies, designed like a mighty bald eagle which is popular in America. It has a large rings and 3D proportion body that makes it as a visual treat to watch. It can even be thrown like a paper airplane for quite backyard. It can withstand a 300 foot drop and comes with clear and easy set up instructions. It’s single line means it is suitable for stunts. Prism Hypnotist, it features an eight-foot wingspan. A hand wrapped graphite frame and an integral shock absorber to prevent breakage during crash. It is a good choice for beginners fly.

Premier Kites, a majestic traditional kites that can’t just match the premier kites. It is easy to find in a low moderate winds and is best during day time at the shore of the sea. It also provides a good view in the eyes and offers an immediate assembly when it’s time to fly above. Wind Highlighter, soars in low winds polls in moderate winds and really rips in high winds. It’s sail is made from an incredibly durable rip stop nylon and fiberglass are so forgiving in case of a low impact crash it.

Prism E3, a high spec wing profile which allows to excel and performs funny and tricky movement. It features an adjustable spine weight that lets you manage the center of pull based on flight conditions and your flying star. Hangar Kite Quad-line, is a different shape from the other kites. It is a good way to stand from the crowd. It is made out with a high-quality sail and a super carbon frame to ensure that it will last three years of abuse.