Easy Ways To Make Kite Faster

The materials needed are very basic and can be found in most hardware stores. The primary you’ll need is some fabric and this is actually some underlay for stopping weeds, so it’s extremely cheap. You’ll need some string and two pieces of one meter long bamboo and optional extra because if you’re having problem to the kite it is a short piece of dowel. The tools you’ll need are just some scissors and a stapler. It’s very simple and it can be done very quickly.

What you need to do is open up your fabric and cut it into a 1 meter square. To do this, use the 1 meter dowel as a measuring stick and measure out the square. When you got a 1 meter square piece of fabric, you fold it in a half twice making sure the two loose ends are on top. You need to visualize the square on the top section and what you need to do is cut it in half diagonally and make sure you only cut the loose ends and not the inner part that’s been folded.

Do the same the rest side and then cut in a diagonal shape that way so from that point you just made to the other side of the fabric. Then position your 1 meter long bamboo along the bottom edge of the triangles of space and fold the side over. Take out the dowel but don’t adjust the position of the fold and you need to staple about two centimeters in along the entire length of the fold.  Now, get your string and tie it into a dry shape equal lengths on each side and staple these two. Then, you are ready to take your kite and let it fly as high as it can. It’s so easy.