The City Capital of Kite

Weifang in China is known as the kites capital in the world. Kite festival in Weifang raises hope in Chinese people. Kite is represented as the life, love and every good thing. More than a thousand of people every year attended this event and sending their artistic design of their kites up in the sky. A lot of participating team from overseas also join the event. Most overseas are going back to this kind of event because people in China are so friendly and even the atmosphere is awesome.

By International Kite Federation, Weifang was honored as the World Kite Capital in the year 1988. Among the other countries which has the same kite event like here in Weifang China, this kite flying event is the biggest event that we have never seen in our entire life. The number of international kite fliers is much bigger than any other of the festival’s that you have been to. So it is a great chance to swap ideas and meet other fliers and see some very cool cards.

In recent years, some bigger flower case up in the sky for the kites. Also, more and more colorful the wave. Weifang International Kite Festival was first held in 1984. This years event runs from Saturday to Monday. Weird and wonderful shapes as thousands of kites took to the skies every year. You can saw people with their unusual designs of kites in here. This is an amazing event that you must not missed. Kite Festival is the mot wonderful festival among any other.